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  • Daily Emailer of Cases Freshly Handed Down:

       - Cases summarised in an adapted FIRAC method

       - Latest legal news and updates section

       - Arrives at 6 am each weekday

       - Smartphone-friendly format.

  • 14 Cases Included Each Day

       - 4 x full FIRAC headnotes for the top reportable cases

       - 10 x more recent cases arranged according to topics with

          links to the summaries and full cases in the online index.

  • Weekly Actuarial Case Law Review

       - RAF, medical negligence, PRASA and unlawful arrest cases

       - Loss of income, contingencies, expert witnesses, interest,

         pension, insurance and other issues.

(1) privacy policy (2) terms of use (3) terms of service.

Note in particular 3.5 of the terms of use.


     Discounts for multiple members from the same firm,

     group or company - ask about our bulk deals.

     Please email to order.


R175 per month with easy card sign up.

Save by upgrading to annual, or cancel, anytime.

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